Childhood Cancer affects the whole family; a cancer diagnosis often prompts feelings of guilt in the child’s parents, even though there is nothing they could have done to prevent the illness. Siblings are also generally affected and this could lead to them withdrawing, acting out, or even having trouble at school as schedules and routines at home change to accommodate the new circumstances.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust (LFCT) is well aware of the toll that childhood cancer takes on the whole family, and therefore strives to relieve some of the heartache and difficulties faced by childhood cancer affected families by holistically providing practical & emotional support to children with cancer and their families, thereby ensuring that individuals, families and communities are included.

Unfortunately childhood cancer is still a taboo in many African cultures, and this makes it difficult for the parents to ask for help, which is why LFCT physically seeks out those most in dire need of help, with the collaboration of the social workers and staff on the paediatric oncology wards.

LFCT treats each child with cancer and all their family members as individuals; understanding and respecting the uniqueness of each situation whilst maintaining individual dignity and pride.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust also maintains strict confidentiality and will only share information, photos etc. with the express permission of the parents of our beneficiaries (which can be withdrawn at any time).