Those that know about Little Fighters Cancer Trust, “The little charity that does a lot,” will think that this is a huge organisation that has a massive head office with fancy offices, tons of storage space and a large staff contingent.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The trust is run by 4 (soon to be 3) full-time staff members; Tommy & Tania (founders), Monique (who is leaving at the end of July) and Mandie.

  • Tommy basically runs around doing whatever is necessary, such as taking meetings, organising things, doing pick-ups and deliveries, and filling in wherever needed.
  • Tania handles the Financial side of things
  • Monique handles the Administrative side
  • Mandie handles Projects, Press, Sponsorships and Events

LFCT’s “Head Office” is based in Tommy & Tania’s home (truth be told, it takes over their home) in Southern Paarl. It is also the only office as LFCT does not have “branches” all over South Africa (although one would be forgiven for thinking so with everything they actually manage to do nationally).

Here is a peep into what their lounge looks like most of the time….



Oh yes, not to forget about the “office” ~ THIS is where all the magic is organised…. If you look very carefully you will espy Mandie hard at work at her computer in the corner, behind all the goodies

Mandie ~ making the Magic happen
Mandie ~ making the Magic happen

Apart from the four staff members mentioned above, Little Fighters Cancer Trust has Representatives in various areas who help to coordinate, do deliveries, organise events and generally perform miracles:

  • Debbie Riggens & Emma Riggens (Cancer Survivor) are situated in KZN
  • Katrin Janse van Vuuren is in Johannesburg
  • Cathy Kisbey-Green is in Port Elizabeth

Additional assistance comes in the form of:

  • Sue Kelly & Team fundraise by selling “Funky Frogs” in various shopping centres
  • Michelle Da Afonseca is a volunteer in Bloemfontein who LFCT calls on when the need arises
  • Billi du Preez (Cancer Survivor) is based in the Western Cape and utilises her writing talents to run the LFCT blog, do research, translations and write articles etc. when needed
  • Vicky Gerber and her daughter Rochelle Momberg (Cancer Survivor) are also volunteers who can be called on when needed.
  • Sors “Guru”Grobbelaar, Carina Bruwer Pugliese (Sterling EQ) & Izak Davel are LFCT Ambassadors who give talks and use their talents to fundraise. They also perform at various LFCT events

Apart from the core team that use Tania & Tommy’s home as an office and storage facility, everyone else works out of their own homes and utilises their own resources to assist Little Fighters Cancer Trust perform the miracles it does across South Africa



So, in a nutshell, Little Fighters Cancer Trust performs miracles across South Africa for Children with Cancer and their families without offices and without a vehicle (everyone, including Tania & Tommy use their own private vehicles to do whatever needs to be done.)


Little Fighters Cancer Trust thanks the many supporters and volunteers who can be called on to help with tasks such as doing deliveries of food to hospitals, sorting and packing donations of food and clothing and whatever else they can do to help when called upon to do so.


If you would like to help Little Fighters Cancer Trust, please Donate here or read more on how you can become a volunteer

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