Going to a hospital and undergoing a myriad of tests to determine what is wrong with them can be very traumatic for a child, and this includes going for an MRI, during which is it vital that the patient lay very still.

With this in mind, Johns Hopkins Pediatric Radiology Department have created a video in which kids can learn from Fin the Fish everything they need to know about going for an MRI.

Your child’s MRI exam may or may not use anaesthesia. This video explains the process for having a paediatric MRI without anaesthesia at Johns Hopkins.

Fin’s Fast Facts 

– Your MOST IMPORTANT job is to hold still during the MRI.
– Everyone must remove all metal before going into the MRI room to make sure we all stay safe.
– Remember to wear comfy clothes that do not have zippers, snaps, glitter or buckles.
– A favorite blanket or stuffed animal can go into the MRI scanner with you as long as it does not contain any metal.
– You will never be by yourself. A parent or caregiver can stay with you during your MRI, just remember not to talk to each other once the scanning has started.
– Since the machine is noisy, we will give you earplugs and headphones.
– Some kids say it helps to make a list of questions ahead of time. Lots of people are excited to meet you and ready to answer all your questions!

For more information on Magnetic Resonance Imaging, please refer to our Common Medical Procedures & Tests Page


Here is another video – a short animation – for children about what to expect before and during an MRI scan which may be more suitable to younger children.

I like the way in which the little girl in the second video makes it like a game, or a space adventure as this should appeal to all small children. 😉


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