Our Little Fighters are OUR HEROES because you have never met anyone stronger than a child that is fighting the fight of their life before they have even begun living it… Never before have you met a superhero like these kids ~ no matter what they are going through, they still manage to smile and be kids (in between the pain and vomiting) and just have such courage and fortitude that we could all take a lesson from them!

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust pays homage to all our little heroes, past, present and future… below you will find some of their stories… not all of them are sad, not all of them end happily, but all of the are stories that need to be told…

Addelé Jonker

Addelé Jonker

Addeléwas born on September 3rd, 2010. In general, she is a healthy baby who rarely even got a cold. She met all her milestones, except for walking, as she is only now starting to walk. Each visit to the pediatrician, which we kept as per to the book, ended with the pediatrician being very satisfied with her progress and development. We never had any reason to be concerned. READ MORE

Alexia van der Venter  

Alexia was born on the 6th of Aug 2009. My sister’s 2nd daughter. Our lives changed drastically on the 23rd of March 2011. This was the day she was diagnosed with a very high risk T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Our beautiful baby girl Alexia was sick! CANCER!!!  The scariest word we have ever heard. READ MORE

Caiden Myburgh

Little Caiden Myburgh was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma (malignant tumour that developed on his right kidney) at birth. When he was born he didn’t drink / feed properly and everything that went in came out again. We did a scan to see what was wrong and they found a tumour on his right kidney. At first the doctors assumed it was just a tumour / growth that can be removed surgically. He went for his first op when he was 10 days old in Alberton, Netcare Clinton Hospital. READ MORE

Caleb van der Westhuizen

This is Caleb van der Westhuizen. Caleb is four years old, and him, mommy Anneva and daddy Warren, lives in Paarl. Caleb is an only child. Caleb was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in Stage 4, on Wednesday the 9th of September. He is currently in hospital. Due to the Neuroblastoma being so far developed and spread already, his mommy and daddy have been given various treatment options, and they have until the end of this weekend to make a decision which route they want to go. READ MORE

Cameron Smith

Cammy was born on 21 May 2004. He has always been a healthy child. He hardly ever got ill. We we’re in a financial slump last year August when Cam’s got ill. We took him to a government clinic who diagnosed him with Tonsilitis. His gland under his left jaw was pretty swollen.

He got his meds and improved but 3 weeks later got sick again. Once again the clinic said it was Tonsilitis. This time he got better. The gland however got bigger. We saved up some cash and took him to a GP. READ MORE

Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson, born on the 20th of June 2007, was a lively boisterous little fellow. Always ready for action from the break of dawn until sometimes after his sleep time. However in 2011, his life drastically changed.

Early on in the year, he would complain to his mom and grand mom about a stomach ache. Various trips to doctors and the local clinic came back with a result of he has tonsillitis that was affecting his stomach. One Wednesday afternoon in early October he went to his gran and told her his tummy was sore. She felt a hard lump on his stomach and his temperature was also a bit high. READ MORE