Mother’s Day is a very special project here at the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

If we have the resources, product and financial, we LOVE doing a special Mother’s Day event at every hospital ward, for the mothers who are in the ward with their ill child, on Mother’s Day. We take caterers, set tables, serve them a decent lunch, and make sure each mother gets flowers, a nice gift and card.   

Treating Oncologists will, over weekends like Mother’s Day weekend, or other special days, always try and send as many as possible of the children in their care home, so that they can be with their families. The only children who will be in the hospital wards on days such as Mother’s Day, is really sick, or, they live too far away from home, and cannot afford to go home and come back for treatment mere days apart.   

So on Mother’s Day, it truly is the Mothers who receive no visitors, receive no gifts and whose children are really sick, who is in the hospital wards, making the Mother’s Day Project really very special.   

Product Donations Needed for this Project:   

  • Flowers
  • Gift bags filled with deodorant spray, body lotion, lipstick, nail polish, pretty notebook and pen, box of chocolates, card 

If you would like to become involved in this project please contact us