A few weeks ago the Little Fighters Cancer Trust received notification from a young man who was planning to use his talents to fundraise for LFCT and the work we do with Children with Cancer.
This is what we LOVE to see – people who use their talents and passion to fundraise for those who most need it!
Will is an “amateur” photographer and decided to make use of his talents by offering a special for the month of November to raise funds for LFCT.
Last week we received a wonderful financial donation from Will towards our work, and are very grateful that Will chose us, using his passion to fundraise for our passion – Children with Cancer & their Families.
Thank You also to all those who agreed to be photographed by Will for this fundraising project and allow us to publish their photos – all of YOU helped make this possible!
Check out Will’s Facebook Page, Photos by William!


William’s Story

About Me
I was always drawn to art, especially photography. What I love most about it, is taking something of everyday life and being able to make people aware of the beauty around them, simply by changing its perspective by the use of photography. I never saw myself as a professional photographer, just a guy with a camera, taking note of the beauty around us.
I do not use fancy equipment/ Photoshop. I use natural light to create certain effects and believe every object or person has a natural, beautiful side, you just need to wait for that opportune moment in order to capture it.
I love photography because it allows me to bring joy not only to my life, but to others as well.
The Fundraising Project
I believe it’s every human beings responsibility to help one another. Imagine a world without sympathy or empathy.
For some time, I wanted to help in some way. I stumbled on LFCT on social media and I guess the reason why this institution was forever in the back of my mind is cancer lived and still lives in my family in some form. When I became a father, I became more emotional and even felt obligated not to ignore this terrible illness, if that makes sense in some way.
I told my wife of my plan, she immediately supported it…and that was that J
When I advertised the promotion, I did not indicate who the recipient would be at that time. I did not look for praise or anything, I just wanted to give the people the opportunity to create some special memories and help others in return. During the shoot, I would mention it and it created some excitement J, knowing that they will be helping others and it made this project so much easier, as it was definitely some hard work having shoots back to back, working late nights, sacrificing family time and getting up for work every morning.
My wife knows, I am not one who accepts praise well, or sometimes even feel that I don’t deserve it. I do not know why, but this is how I am built I guess. I just believe when you do something, for someone, your intentions should simply be to add value to that person’s life. Don’t expect a “return of investment”. Helping others or enabling them to help themselves is the return on investment. There is immediate benefit from this behaviour not onto me, but onto others, they meet and so it goes on.
My objectives was, raise some funds using my skill for LFCT so that they may also have a special Christmas this year and to give others the opportunity to create some awesome memories and I have to say, objectives achieved!
I hope our contribution will make a difference in the lives of the families, of our little warriors.

Thank You, Will, from the bottom of our hearts – your kind thought and donation WILL make a big difference in the lives of our Little Fighters!


Use YOUR Passion/Talents to Fundraise for Children with Cancer

If you have a talent, take part in some kind of sport, or have a hobby/passion that you would like to use as Will has to raise funds to help the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, please contact us and we will give you all the help we can, including an authorisation letter and setting up a special fundraising page for you online.
Please use the Contact Form below:


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  • Vincent Rhoode

    That’s my Little Big Brother!

    • LFCT

      Your Little Big Brother is AWESOME, Vincent 🙂


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